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Cant find DPF part number

If you cant find DPF part number… 1. Use the vin number, customer provided you on check in sheet to call the dealer. I normally always call dealer or multiple dealers to and say ” id like to get part number and pricing on the DPF, we have a customer coming that may or may […]

Ultrasonic Tank

If for some reason Ultrasonic tank stopped working please check fuses in the back inside of the generator. Remove both front and rear panels Locate generators Remove fuses by pushing in and twisting them out If for some reason generator needs to be be sent out for repair under warranty. please takes lots of photos […]

Waste Water

If you can not evaporate your waste water please follow all your local and state rules for disposal. Below I have added some options for you to evaporate waste water.  I used 55 gallon tank heater in my shop and worked perfect. Using a metal 55 gallon drum. I purchased a heat strap/ metal drum […]

Franchise Support

As DPF Alternatives continues to grow a quick phone call is not as quick, effective or efficient. Although I do love hearing from each of you, it has become difficult to answer every call, every time. Our goal is to continue to provide each location with the support and resources that you need so we […]


Make sure to stay 10 to 12 inches away from filters when psi washing. This process helps the over all appearance of filter when it comes out of the kiln. PRESSURE WASHING TO CLOSE TO THE FACE WILL DAMAGE THE SUBSTRATES. ESPECIALLY CORDIERITE SUBSTRATE.  LOL AND PLEASE DON’T TELL ANYBODY YOU PRESSURE WASH FILTERS. MOST […]


Selective Catalyst Reduction PLEASE READ GOOD INFORMATION ON SCR SYSTEM AND WHAT IT MEANS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selective_catalytic_reduction