DPF Alternatives is your one stop shop for all your DPF needs from state of the art DPF cleaning, psi tube and temp sensor bung replacements, to supplying you with quality clamps, gaskets and aftermarket filters. Let us take care of your needs.

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Ultrasonic DPF Cleaning = Superior Emissions Solutions

Ultrasonic DPF cleaning is the only proven method for thoroughly cleaning every cell in the DPF to like new condition. This superior cleaning restores the components to OE specifications, which guarantees better fuel economy and more useful life from every DPF filter. DPF Alternatives cleaning system reduces costs by extending the useful life of your filters, and offers each operator a no-hassle, industry leading one year performance guarantee.
Our proprietary ultrasonic cleaning method utilizes high frequency sound waves at millions of impulses per second. These impulses cause microscopic bubbles to break down the built-up soot and ash. The contaminants are then caught by our specially formulated solution that keeps it from adhering back to the cell walls, while carrying all contaminates away from each cell. DPF Alternatives offers superior DPF cleaning services as an alternative to expensive OEM replacement.


AIR-KNIFE: Our base air-only service provides an environmentally safe and competitively priced solution for moderately clogged filters. DPF Alternatives starts every ultrasonic cleaning with this step to remove any loose debris.
ADVANCED-REGEN: “Bake”: Our stage 2 Advanced-regen “Bake” service is commonly combined with the Air-Knife process in stage 1 above. this process is an excellent option for regularly maintaining your filter.
SOLUTION-FLUSH: Our stage 3 solution-Flush service sets DPF Alternatives apart from other so-called cleaning companies. Combined with our Air-Knife service, Advanced regeneration “Bake”, and our 6 month warranty, this option should be your minimum level of cleaning for any filter.
ULTRASONICS: Our ultimate, industry leading ultrasonics allows us to offer you a one year guarantee on the useful life of your filter. After extensive process refinement and testing, we have developed an unmatched cleaning option for filters in every industry. Our ultrasonic cleaning process will bring any functioning filter back to as much as 99% of its useful life; well beyond the industry standard of only 35%.