We have three DPF Alternatives locations that provide Diesel Filter Cleaning in Oregon to serve you.
Central Point
DPF Alternatives in Bend, Oregon
715 SE Business Way, Ste. #5
Bend, Oregon 97701
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DPF Alternatives in Eugene, Oregon
3890 W 1st Ave
Eugene, OR 97402
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DPF Alternatives Central Point, OR
191 Bateman Dr
Central Point, OR 97502
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DPF Alternatives provides diesel filter cleaning services and new filter supply at two convenient locations in Oregon. Our proprietary ultrasonic dpf cleaning system was designed to extend the life of your diesel filters. We believe strongly in preserving the future of the State of Oregon, that’s why our diesel filter cleaning process is environmentally safe and helps reduce pollution caused by diesel engines. Maintaining a clean DPF filter will help to reduce carbon diesel emissions.

Avoid costly repairs by bringing your vehicle in for routine inspection and cleaning services. Freight trucks, semis, farm tractors, automobiles and all types of diesel fueled engines can benefit from our dpf cleaning services. Use our maintenance service as a write off for your business. Our diesel cleaning solution is perfect for landowners, farmers and diesel automotive owners.

No matter what type of vehicle you are servicing, our lifetime filter guarantee is here to to serve your diesel powered vehicle and save you time and money.