We have 2 DPF Alternatives locations in Virginia to serve you:

Vinton (Roanoke)


DPF Alternatives in Manassas, Virginia
Diesel Filter Cleaning Services & Supply
9248 Mike Garcia Dr
Manassas, VA 20109
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DPF Alternatives in Vinton, Virginia
Diesel Filter Cleaning Services & Supply
525 E. Washington Ave.
Vinton, VA 24179
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DPF Alternatives provides diesel filter cleaning services and new filter supply at 2 locations in Virginia. Our unique state-of-the-art ultrasonic filter cleaning system is a proprietary method designed to extend the life of your diesel filters. Our process is environmentally safe and helps reduce pollution caused by diesel emissions. We believe in preserving the future of Virginia’s beautiful landscape for generations to come, that’s why we developed this sustainable solution for controlling or helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Freight trucks, semis, tractors and all other diesel fueled engines can benefit from our services. The small cost of the service is paid back in a short period of time by not having to replace the particulate filters and maximizing the full life use of your DPF. If you have freight trucks for your business you can use our service as a maintenance write off and will be promoting a cleaner environment by your example. If you are a landowner/farmer with heavy equipment or tractors you will be surprised by the extended life of your filters if they are serviced regularly. Avoid costly repairs by bringing your vehicle in for routine inspection and cleaning services. No matter what type of vehicle you are servicing, our lifetime filter guarantee is here to to serve your vehicle and save you valuable time and money.