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Max Mileage Supports Your Engine

Maintaining your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is critical to vehicle ownership. Your DPF removes soot and exhaust from your engine while ensuring your vehicle stays legally compliant with environmental laws surrounding diesel vehicle emissions.

When your DPF malfunctions or requires cleaning, it can stress your vehicle's engine and lead to costly repairs. Regular DPF cleaning and maintenance services can save you money long-term, and you'll have confidence that your engine will get you to your next destination.

Take your vehicle maintenance one step further by investing in DPF Max Mileage in Los Angeles, CA. By adding a touch to every fuel tank, you'll be able to save time and money on regular cleanings and extend the life of your DPF.

DPF Alternatives Los Angeles, CA offers a lifetime warranty for drivers who enroll in our cleaning and max mileage loyalty program. Working with the professionals at DPF Alternatives gives you the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle will work for years to come.

DPF Alternatives Los Angeles, CA offers dpf max mileage in Los Angeles, CA.

What is Max Mileage?

Max mileage is a fuel additive that can be purchased directly from any of our DPF Alternatives Los Angeles, CA locations. Use a single ounce for every 25 gallons of fuel to improve engine combustion and performance. A 16oz bottle will support your engine for over 3,000 miles of driving. Customers who regularly use max mileage often see a longer engine life, which can save thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements.

DPF max mileage burns off soot as you drive, which keeps your engine cleaner between regularly scheduled maintenance. A soot build-up can wreak havoc on individual parts of your diesel engine throughout your vehicle's life. Max mileage accelerates the soot removal process and burns it off at lower temperatures, resulting in up to 60% fewer emissions being released into the environment.

Fewer DPF regens keep your diesel vehicle up to code with local and national regulations, and you can take pride in knowing you are supporting your environment through responsible vehicle maintenance.

Max mileage helps prevent deposits into your fuel injector. It decreases soot-related mechanical failure, extending the life of your engine and keeping you on the road longer!

DPF Alternatives Los Angeles, CA DPF max mileage filter cleaning.

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The DPF Alternatives Difference

Our professionals at DPF Alternatives Los Angeles, CA can help answer any additional questions or concerns about including dpf max mileage in your vehicle maintenance routine. Replacing a DPF can cost thousands of dollars; even minor repairs can add up quickly. Investing in products that keep your engine running will help keep your diesel-powered vehicle functioning efficiently and affordably.

We offer a lifetime warranty to incentivize proper vehicle maintenance and upkeep. We'll restore your DPF to a like-new condition through thorough deep cleaning. After registering for our loyalty program and including max mileage on 80% of your miles, you'll maintain peace of mind, knowing that if something breaks, our technicians will fix it.

At DPF Alternatives, our locations across the country are here to support you and your vehicle. Our cleaning services remove 90% of debris; max mileage can help keep that clean longer. We value your time and money and will ensure you get the best cleaning and repairs available nationwide. Find a location near you, or give us a call today!

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DPF Max Mileage


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DPF Max Mileage in Los Angeles, CA

Other benefits of Max Mileage include:

  • Reduce DEF consumption
  • Longer DPF life
  • Fewer regens
  • Increase fuel mileage
  • Extend engine life
  • A smoother, quieter engine
  • Lower exhaust gas temperature

Ready to see the benefits of using Max Mileage yourself? Find a DPF Alternatives today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

We offer a unique cleaning solution using ultrasonic technology. It restores components to OE specifications, resulting in better fuel economy and useful life from the DPF filter. We offer superior DPF cleaning services as an alternative to costly replacements.

See our services and cleaning and restoration levels here.

We believe a thorough DPF inspection involves a visual inspection, flow test, pin test and light test to ensure DPF filter integrity and that the filter has been returned as close as possible to its original factory condition.

Yes, we have new aftermarket DPF’s for sale if yours is cracked, damaged or can not be restored.

The pricing range between these two options will be very significant. A new replacement DPF cost will depend on what kind of vehicle you have however it will most likely cost you thousands of dollars.

If the truck is doing multiple regens (4+ per week), there is a high chance your DOC needs replacing. If you notice your vehicle doing multiple regenerations in a short period of time, this usually means precious metals are no longer working.

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

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