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DPF Alternatives offers OEM approved pneumatic bake services and complete DPF restorations for all years, makes, and models. America's best choice to keep DPFs running cleaner longer.

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DPF Alternatives of Dalhart
DPF Cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX - a large DPF system benefiting from DPF Alternatives of the Panhandle services.
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DPF Cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX

Choosing a reliable, trustworthy DPF cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX is an important choice. Failure to properly maintain and clean your DPF system can lead to breakdowns and costly repairs. Thankfully, avoiding disaster is easy with regular maintenance, cleaning and care of your DPF and other aftertreatment parts.

It may easily slip your mind, but cleaning your DPF system is a small cost compared to the potential $10,000-$30,000 in repairs after a breakdown. As a critical component of your engine’s exhaust system, even a partially soot-clogged DPF will increase back pressure into your engine.

Keep your DPF at peak performance and ease any worries about potential problems by choosing the best Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX DPF cleaning available with DPF Alternatives. Get an estimate today!

Ultrasonic DPF cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX with DPF Alternatives.

How Often Should a DPF Be Cleaned?

DPFs typically need cleaning initially every 150,000 to 200,000 miles, then every 100,000 afterward. Drivers are alerted when it’s time for cleaning by an orange dashboard light. Early signs it’s time for a thorough cleaning and inspection are the emission of black soot, increased oil levels and a rise in fuel usage.

With DPF Alternatives, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality, thorough cleaning and maintenance with our DPF cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX. Our equipment, process and proprietary SL100 solution restores the DPF to OEM specifications.

With the best warranty in the industry and guaranteed results, know you’re getting the best DPF cleaning available when you choose DPF Alternatives.

DPF Alternatives of the Panhandle's professional, top-of-the-line cleaning equipment.

Do DPF Cleaners Work?

Many DIY DPF cleaners claim to be a cheap, quick and equally effective option for Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX DPF cleaning. Unfortunately, these claims are largely exaggerated and misleading. Additives alone are not sufficient to thoroughly clean or unclog a DPF. For a true cleaning and unblocking, you’ll need professional equipment.

With the quality and level of services at DPF Alternatives, the DPF can be expertly returned to like-new condition. Our consistent quality and attention to detail means you’ll get the best service, every time.

DPF cleaning and restoration services in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX. DPF Cleaning & Restoration Service Levels

Level 5 Warranty
Level 5: Superior Restoration + Max Mileage + Lifetime Warranty
Superior flow bench at DPF Alternatives.
Superior pneumatic bake cleaner.
DPF Alternatives superior kiln.
Superior flush station at DPF Alternatives.
Superior DPF Alternatives ultrasonic tank.
Superior DPF Alternatives flow bench.
Supeior pneumatic bake cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa.
DPF Alternatives superior kiln.
Superior flush station.
Superior ultrasonic tank in {fran-territory_name}.
Level 4: Superior

Our ultimate, industry leading ultrasonics allow us to offer you a one year warranty on the useful life of your filter. Our ultrasonic cleaning process will bring any functioning filter back to as much as 99% of its useful life, well beyond the industry standard of only 35%.

Compare Options
DPF Alternatives Warranty
Better DPF Alternatives flush station.
Better DPF Alternatives euipment.
Better DPF Alternatives flow bench.
Better pneumatic bake cleaner at DPF Alternatives.
Level 3: Better

Our level 3 solution-flush service combines our Air-Knife service, Advanced regeneration “Bake”, and our 6 month warranty and should be your minimum level of cleaning for any filter.

DPF Alternatives Warranty
Good DPF cleaning services.
Good DPF cleaning bench.
Good DPF cleaning equpment for your needs.
Level 2: Good

Our level 2 Advanced-regen “Bake” service is commonly combined with the Air-Knife process in level 1. This process is an excellent option for regularly maintaining your filter.

Fair DPF cleaning services.
Fair DPF Cleaning Equipment.
Level 1: Fair

Our base air-only service provides an environmentally safe and competitively priced solution for moderately clogged filters. DPF Alternatives starts every ultrasonic cleaning with this step to remove any loose debris.

DPF Alternatives of the Panhandle is EPA Compliant.

EPA Compliant

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Learn more about DPF Alternatives of the Panhandle Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Performance Warranty

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Back of a clean, large, reflective semi truck rig, contact DPF Alternatives for a DPF cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX.

Other Services Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa DPF Cleaning

Looking to keep the rest of your system running smoothly? DPF Alternatives also offers DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), SCR (Select Catalyst Reduction) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) cleanings and restoration.

DOC Cleaning. The DOC works with the DPF to keep your exhaust system running. When not serviced simultaneously, the DOC can prematurely clog the DPF. Since the DOC sits right above the DPF, not cleaning the DOC can send any soot it’s been holding right back into your newly cleaned DPF and clog it all over again.

SCR Cleaning. The SCR is notorious for costing owners significant money in diagnostics and replacements and causing severe issues for the entire exhaust system. Many believe it’s impossible to clean the SCR, but DPF Alternatives of the Panhandle has found a way that has seen great success — even in Detroit one box systems.

DPF Alternatives guarantees we can restore any DPF system to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost for a new one. Save yourself from dangerous, unwanted breakdowns and expensive repairs with regular DPF cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX. Choose a trusted name with certified experts. Choose DPF Alternatives.

Systems We Service:

  • Cummins DPF
  • Volvo DPF
  • Mac DPF
  • Detroit DPF
  • Ford DPF
  • Dodge DPF
  • Duramax DPF
  • Kubota DPF
  • John Deer DPF
  • Caterpillar DPF
  • Hino DPF
  • Isuzu DPF
  • Huss DPF
  • Perkins DPF
  • Komatsu DPF
  • VW DPF
  • Mercedes DPF
  • Hatz DPF
  • Doosan DPF
  • Roadwarrior DPF
  • Skyline DPF
  • Dinex DPF
  • Durafit DPF
  • Maxfilter DPF

Don’t see your system? We’ll still clean it. Call to find out!

Industries We Service:

  • Mining DPF
  • Construction DPF
  • Passenger for light/medium and heavy-duty DPF
  • Agriculture DPF
  • Transit DPF

Need more reasons to choose DPF Alternatives for DPF cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX? By opting for one company that does everything, you know you’re getting consistent, superior and quality service to every part of your system. Additionally, you can expect:

  • 24 to 48 hour turnaround time
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Guaranteed results — or you don’t pay!

Your exhaust system deserves the best. It deserves DPF Alternatives. Find a location today!

This vehicle will be cleaned and maintained with DPF Alternatives's dpf cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX.

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Client Testimonials

Read what our customers are saying about DPF Alternatives.
  • Alex Estrada

    As a business, DPF Alternatives offers a cleaning service that is by far more affordable than having to replace the filter entirely. The process is explained step by step before they take your clogged filter. Their products are worth the investment as well. I personally purchased a bottle of fuel treatment that solved my issue after one regen process. As an agent of DPF Alternatives, Vance was extremely helpful and went out of his way to help me out. He listened to my problem and was able to explain with detail how we could fix it. He was easy to get a hold of and always responded to my messages. For anyone looking for a solution to their DPF issues I highly recommend Vance and he will continue to have my business in the future. 10/10 service.

  • Derek Pennington

    Vance has been great to deal with. He's went out of his way to make sure we are taken care of as soon as possible. The filters come back cleaned up and looking good. His documentation of the cleaning process is amazing. Being a John Deere dealer, the customers have relied on quality service out of Keating Tractor and Vance helps accomplish that by providing us a detailed print out to give to the customer.

  • Jake Beecher

    Awesome customer service! Always a quick turn around time and they will pick up and drop off your DPF’s. All around great business to deal with.

  • Zachary Romero

    Vance did an excellent job keeping in touch with the cleaning welding and new purchase of filter. Even when parts had been delayed he reached out and gave options to get parts to me faster. His communication and follow through the entire process was amazing.

  • Tim Corbin

    Good people to deal with and stay away in contact when stuff is in

  • Randy Shackelford

    Was in a pinch and needed to pickup some Max Mileage. Vance went out of his way to assist me. Great guy, very knowledgeable and professional!!! Thank you again, Vance!

  • John Colley

    Went above and beyond to help! Vance, is very knowledgeable and has a great deal of professionalism!!

  • Quincy Reed

    I came in with questions about soot cleaning alternates and I left with answers. He even left home to help me out. Recommended for any trucker coming through Dalhart who needs help with DPF services and Soot Build Up

  • Christopher Cummings

    Vance has provided the best customer service i have seen in a long time along with high quality work and timely, honest service.

  • Donald Barr

    vanvce is on time and he does what he says and the quality is excellent price is good also so if you need your aftertreatment cleaned Vance is the go to guy

  • Trent Massey

    Vance has always does an awesome job for us when needed DPF service . Communication is a 100% every time and very efficient when it comes to each job. We have had 24hr service turnaround on every job when we have service work performed. Keep up the great customer service Vance !

  • Micah Mendenhall

    Definitely a great alternative to a replacement that is twice the price!!

  • Joe Cortez

    They have picked up our DPF filters the next day and will have it back to us the following day, That helps keep customers with little down time and back to their operation.

  • Mark Scardino

    Vance was great. Came out the same day to pick up and very quick turnaround time. Would definitely use for all our DPF needs.

  • Amy Newton

    This company has been great to work with from start to finish. Reliable, & fast are two best ways to describe Vance!

  • Lori Sammons

    They are prompt and do extremely good work on ensuring the one box is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Adrian Chacon

    Been using these guys for the past 2 years and they have done excellent work and get things done in an impressive timely manner keep up the good work and nothing but blessings for your business

  • Ivan Lujan

    Awesome service highly recommend!

  • Wahiya Benoit

    Vance was top notch explained everything to me made it easy to get the product even brought the product to me informed me about everything that he could on it which was everything that I found on the Internet knows his stuff very well. We’ll definitely be a customer from here on out.

  • Chris Bell

    Vance is great to work with and fast turn around time!

  • Robert Perigo

    They do an awesome job and it is always a fast turn around. Filters are always spotless when we get them back and work perfectly

  • Roper Wiseman

    These guys carry out an amazing service. Here at western equipment we are doing our best to keep our customers happy and their equipment working for them. These guys at DPF alternatives help us do that very effectively. They’re very quick to answer anytime we call, and they pick up / drop off all the DPF filters we need cleaned in a good timely manner. DPF alternatives understands the urgency of western equipment keeping customers going as fast as possible. I have no complaints with these guys they always deliver on our needs. I highly recommend having DPF alternatives getting you taken care of. Thank you guys for always taking care of us!!!

  • joe tipton

    Vance with DPF alternative is awesome to do business with. Couldn’t ask for better customer service and absolute killer turn around time on filters! Most filters are back to me the next morning! Thanks for all the help!

  • Shawn Nelson

    Always very easy to work with. Great communication and customer service. Has picked-up and returned in a timely manner. Never had an issue of filters coming back dirty.

  • Mike Cochran

    I purchase the product Max mileage from Vance he went above and beyond brought the product out to me out on US highway 54 Really Made my Day much easier what a great job.. Definitely would recommend dealing with Vance.

  • Evan Smith

    Great place to get your DPF filter cleaned!! Vance goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied!

  • Dustin Nikkel

    Absolutely awesome this guy knows what he is doing! And perfect work!

  • Diego Ortiz

    Had a customer bring in a truck for DPF cleaning. DPF was removed and sent to Vance at DPF Alternatives and he got it cleaned and baked quickly as possible. Customer was back on the road in no time.

  • Hailey Valentine

    I was picking up a horse and had some truck issues in the Texas Panhandle. It was an issue with the filter. DPF Alternatives was incredible to work with and got me back on the road again in no time! They were extremely affordable and helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone traveling through!

Why Choose DPF Alternatives for a Clean DPF?

Need more reasons to choose DPF Alternatives as your DPF cleaning in Dalhart, Amarillo & Pampa, TX? By opting for one company that does everything, you know you’re getting consistent, superior and quality service to every part of your system. Additionally, you can expect:

1 brand, 1 name, same service, same equipment = consistency in service and quality nation-wide.

24hr to 48hr turnaround
Free pick-up and delivery
Warranty results or you don't pay

Warrantied results with 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and lifetime warranty options available.

Your exhaust system deserves the best. It deserves DPF Alternatives. Contact us today!

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We offer a unique cleaning solution using ultrasonic technology. It restores components to OE specifications, resulting in better fuel economy and useful life from the DPF filter. We offer superior DPF cleaning services as an alternative to costly replacements.

See our services and cleaning and restoration levels here.

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