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  • DPF Alternatives offers OEM approved pneumatic, bake services & complete DPF restorations. America‘s best choice to keep DPF’s running cleaner longer.

    Service Locations or Call for Quote 833.373.2583 ext: 0

Why Choose DPF Alternatives?

DPF Alternatives has locations opening monthly with trained and certified DPF professionals.

We will clean or restore any DPF system to like new condition with guaranteed results at a fraction of the cost new. In addition to our DPF services, we also offer DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) cleanings and restoration. 833.373.2583 ext: 0

  • 1 brand, 1 name, same service, same equipment = consistency in service and quality nation-wide
  • 24hr to 48hr turnaround
  • Free pick-up and delivery
  • Guaranteed results or you don’t pay

Guaranteed results saving hundreds, thousands, or millions in DPF Replacements. With 3mo, 6mo, 1yr, and lifetime warranty options available. Come experience the difference. We are America’s best choice for DPF cleaning and restoration. 833.373.2583 ext.0

Why is DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaning important?

Cleaning and maintaining a DPF properly the 1st time will keep you from extremely costly and unwanted breakdowns. Now more than ever, if you properly maintain the DPF system you can easily avoid catastrophic failures ranging from $10,000 to $30,000. No joke. Don’t be this person. Here at DPF Alternatives our equipment, process, and proprietary SL100 solution will restore the DPF to OEM specs. Our warranty is unparalleled and the best in the industry. We will save you from having very bad DPF days. 833.373.2583 ext.0

Why is DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) cleaning important?

The DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) is vital to proper DPF function. It sits directly upstream of the DPF. If it’s not serviced properly at the same time as DPF- it can prematurely plug the DPF. Sound complicated? Allow us to explain. If the DOC has soot accumulation and you install a new DPF or a cleaned DPF for that matter, the second you start the engine all of the soot from the DOC will go directly into the DPF which will cause the DPF to plug back up. This is just one of many reasons in this industry that customers experience check engine lights, low sluggish power, and additional costs shortly after a DPF replacement or service. It’s a huge headache for us all! Believe me. You wouldn’t change a baby’s diaper and not wipe its behind would you? I hope not. Don’t clean, restore, or replace the DPF without servicing the DOC. Bring both DPF and DOC and we will make sure they’re restored to OEM specs. 833.373.2583 ext.0

Why is SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) cleaning important?

This is a tricky one. SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) is causing serious issues all over the country. Costing owners billions of dollars in diagnostics and SCR replacements. SCR sits downstream of the DPF. Usually the aftertreatment orientation is as follows: DOC, DPF and SCR. For some time now and still to this day people say, “You can’t clean an SCR”. We are not going to say they are wrong and we are not going to say we are right. What we will say is- we have serviced kilns full of thousands of SCR systems with great success including Detroit 1box systems. Not only can our process remove crystalized DEF deposits obstructing proper distribution of exhaust gasses (thus helping the catalyst reduce (NOX) to near zero out of the tail pipe) we can do it without harming the Catalyst itself. Before you replace the SCR for $5,000 or more give us a call. We will restore it to OEM spec or you simply don’t pay. 833.373.2583 ext.0

DPF Systems we service:

Cummins DPF, Volvo DPF, Mac DPF, Detroit DPF, Ford DPF, Dodge DPF, Duramax DPF, Kubota DPF, John Deer DPF, Caterpillar DPF, Hino DPF, Isuzu DPF, Huss DPF, Perkins DPF, Komatsu DPF, VW DPF, BMW DPF, Mercedes DPF, JCB DPF, Hatz DPF, Doosan DPF, Roadwarrior DPF, Skyline DPF, Dinex DPF, Durafit DPF, Maxfilter DPF

Don’t see your DPF? We still clean it. 833.373.2583 ext.0

Industries we service:

Mining DPF, Construction DPF, Agriculture DPF, Transit DPF, OTR DPF, Passenger for light/medium and heavy duty DPF. Don’t see your industry? We still service it. Call for a quote. 833.373.2583 ext.0

~ Run Cleaner Longer™ ~


Amazing Service Hands Down

“All I have to say is WOW. Since we started using DPF Alternatives, we are saving and adding to our bottom line. DPF Alternatives pricing is the best, plus pick up and delivery – just an amazing service hands down. We will let all know about you and your unmatched services. Thanks again.”

Changing The Game

“DPF Alternatives is changing the game in DPF filter cleanings. I could not be happier. I have 12 isx all with filters. My fleet is out of Atlanta and DPF Alternatives out of Commerce City, Colorado will be getting all my cleanings as my trucks roll through Colorado. I will never go back to the type of cleanings I was getting before.”

My Truck Is Running Awesome!!!

“I have a 2008 Ford F350. The DPF plugged up. I took it to the dealer, after waiting a week they pulled my truck in. They told me that my catalyst was cracked and needed replacement, also the DPF was plugged and needed to be replaced. Was gonna cost me almost $4K out the door. I got online and researched my options. Long story short, he cleaned my DPF, he cleaned my catalyst – the same one the dealer said was cracked and needed to be replaced. I was out the door under $1000 even with some extras I had them do. And my truck is running awesome!!!”

The Ceramic Was Like New

“I have to admit, I was a little sceptical about your ultrasonic Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning option. But after having it done, I could not be happier. I have never had a DPF come back this clean, the ceramic was like new, exactly like you said. Since we started using your service our trucks are not regening nearly as much and have lasted a lot longer than the original cleanings I was getting done. Thanks again.”



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DPF Alternatives is your Aftertreamtment Parts Supplier

DPF Alternatives : A Cleaner Tomorrow

Your vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter helps safeguard the environment, and our proprietary Ultrasonic DPF cleaning process safeguards your wallet. Our ultrasonic DPF Cleaning Service is the only proven method for thoroughly cleaning every cell in the DPF to like new condition.  DPF Alternatives’ cleaning system reduces costs by extending the useful life of your filters.  We’re so confident in our technology, we offer our customers a no-hassle, industry leading, one year performance guarantee.

Our superior cleaning process restores components to OE specifications; guaranteeing better fuel economy and more useful life from every DPF filter. Our proven Ultrasonic cleaning method utilizes proprietary high frequency sound waves at millions of impulses per second to break down the built-up soot and ash. Our specially formulated solution flushes particles away and keeps them from adhering back to the cell walls. DPF Alternatives offers superior DPF cleaning services as an alternative to costly OEM replacements.

Cleaning Equipment designed to keep DPF’s running cleaner longer

Lifetime Guarantee on Electrical Components : 100% Financing for Qualified Buyers

Equipment Package cost from low to high. All packages will allow you to restore DPF’s to near new condition. Call for details 833.373.2583 ext.0.

Entry Level Blow and Bake Package $10,500.00

Complete Restoration Packages         
$41,447.90 $43,447.90 $43,693.15 $54,662.90*Most Popular $67,187.00 $75,761.00 $96,810.90

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