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Comprehensive Cleaning and Maintenance

Ensuring Peak Engine Performance

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers are critical to a well-functioning engine. By recirculating exhaust gas, egr coolers increase fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions. It's essential to keep your cooler well-maintained to prolong the life of your engine and keep your vehicle environmentally friendly.

The expert technicians at DPF Alternatives specialize in a range of services including repairing, replacing, and EGR cooler cleaning. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your vehicle's EGR system functions optimally. We are proud to offer a range of DPF services that are built to help keep you on the road for longer.

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What is an EGR Cooler?

A diesel EGR cooler is used in diesel trucks and engines to reduce NOx emissions from your vehicle. These are pollutants produced during the combustion process in diesel engines that can contribute to smog and acid rain formation. When geographic areas have high traffic, a high volume of NOx emissions can lead to inferior air quality, making breathing difficult for people with respiratory conditions. You must have a well-maintained EGR system to keep your vehicle running efficiently and reduce its environmental impact.

The system works by putting some of the engine's exhaust gasses back into the combustion chamber, mixing it with fresh air, and reducing the combustion temperature. The EGR cooler does precisely what its name sounds like. It cools the recirculated exhaust gasses before they are reintroduced into the engine. This lowers the overall combustion temperature and reduces the formation of NOx emissions. Cooling is necessary because excessively hot exhaust gasses can raise your engine temperature and put unnecessary stress on your vehicle.

In addition to reducing your vehicle's carbon footprint, EGR coolers can help extend your engine's life and boost fuel efficiency. Introducing cooled gasses back into your engine's combustion chamber prevents over-rich fuel burning, enabling you to get more from your miles.

The importance of EGR's is what make our EGR cooler cleaning such an important service.

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Preventative Care for Diesel Vehicles

Signs Your Cooler Needs to be Repaired

Maintenance will always be a routine part of all vehicle ownership, and diesel EGR coolers are no exception. Sometimes, they can become clogged and need cleaning to remove the buildup of pollutants. It's also possible for your system to develop a leak that can result in coolant loss or an overheated engine.

The average EGR cooler will last a truck owner approximately 80,000 miles. If you see white smoke emitted from your vehicle's pipe, it could indicate that something is wrong with your EGR system. While you can drive for a short period with a failing EGR system, It's essential to have this inspected and repaired quickly to avoid overheating your engine, which can cause it to fail earlier or even create problems with your turbo.

Filter cleaning is essential to any diesel truck and DPF Alternatives can do it for you.

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EGR Cooler Cleaning

At DPF Alternatives, we aim to keep you on the road as long as possible. Our technicians can clean, repair, or replace your diesel EGR cooler when your engine says something is incorrect. With locations across the country, our technicians strive to give you peace of mind while on the road. We will fix something efficiently with fair and transparent pricing if something breaks. We also offer a lifetime warranty on some of our top cleaning and repair services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have new aftermarket DPF’s for sale if yours is cracked, damaged or can not be restored.

The pricing range between these two options will be very significant. A new replacement DPF cost will depend on what kind of vehicle you have however it will most likely cost you thousands of dollars.

If the truck is doing multiple regens (4+ per week), there is a high chance your DOC needs replacing. If you notice your vehicle doing multiple regenerations in a short period of time, this usually means precious metals are no longer working.

Removing the DPF from your aftertreatment system can be a legal issue depending on where you are from. In some Canadian provinces, it is mandatory to have a DPF filter as a part of your aftertreatment system. Having your filters removed or “deleted” could lead to unexpected charges.

We offer and stock replacement parts for your aftertreatment system including DPF filters, clamps, gaskets, bungs and sensors.

Pricing for our products can be found on our website.

At this time, we do not have a website that you can order from however you are welcome to call or email our team to place your order.

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