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Expert DPF Services

The professionals at DPF Alternatives specialize in keeping your diesel engine clean and running smoothly. Diesel vehicle ownership often comes with diverse needs, and our technicians and service centers are here to accommodate. With various DPF services ranging from bung replacement to max mileage sales, we are here to support you and your vehicle with nationwide service centers.

What About DPF Removal?

Among our array of services, we provide DPF filter removal a crucial solution for diesel vehicle owners looking to enhance performance. It's important to note that DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) removal should always go hand in hand with engine software adjustments. This is due to the DPF's integral role in standard vehicle operation, monitored by a network of sensors. Without the correct adjustments, removing the DPF could lead to these sensors transmitting inaccurate data to the engine control unit, potentially causing issues. Our DPF filter removal service includes the essential software adjustments, ensuring your vehicle maintains optimal performance and remains compliant with emissions regulations, while reducing the need for frequent filter replacements. This not only enhances your vehicle's power and efficiency but also contributes to a smoother driving experience and a more environmentally responsible choice.

A DPF Alternatives client filling up their car with gas.

Max Mileage

Our locations sell a max mileage fuel additive that helps you get the most out of every mile. DPF max mileage helps burn soot faster and at lower temperatures, reducing your vehicle's emissions by 60%. With lower soot content, your engine will run smoother and longer between cleanings. Customers often see a longer engine life when making max mileage a part of their vehicle maintenance routine.

One ounce of max mileage works on every 25 gallons of fuel, and an entire 16oz bottle can last you over 3,000 miles of driving. Watch as fuel efficiency increases, allowing max mileage to more than pay for itself in the savings you'll receive at the gas pump. Talk to our professionals today to learn how investing in thorough cleaning, and DPF max mileage can make you eligible for our lifetime warranty program!

A diesel engine getting serviced by DPF Alternatives.

One Box

Here at DPF Alternatives, we offer an excellent and compact after-treatment system in our DPF One Box system. By condensing the space needed to house the essential components of your DPF, you can experience savings on weight while reducing carbon emissions.

Choosing One Box will increase your truck's frame-rail space and stay within the ever-changing and evolving EPA guidelines. Our professionals can help with installation and repairs to keep your truck's downtime minimal. Feel good knowing your engine is reliable and environmentally conscious for the many miles you spend on the road.

DPF filter recycling at DPF Alternatives.

DPF Recycling Program

While our goal is always to repair and clean your DPF system, as years and miles are put on your truck, the wear and tear will eventually cause systems to fail. When it's time to retire your DPF, call our professionals at DPF Alternatives.

We offer free drop-off and pick-up services for your DPF engine. We strive to remain environmentally conscious by cleaning and recycling parts whenever possible. We often provide credit toward our services and parts in exchange for your old vehicle machinery.

When your vehicle eventually does need an expensive repair or replacement, the last thing you need is to be worried about what you will do with the parts that no longer work. Allow us to take the stress and clutter out of your life by removing the components of your diesel vehicle that no longer serve you. By working together through DPF recycling, we can reduce the impact on the environment and put credit toward your needed repairs.

DPF Alternatives's filter cleaning technology machine.

Full Service DPF Shop

The mechanics at DPF Alternatives take pride in our company's commitment to being a one-stop shop for all your diesel vehicle needs. We aim to take the stress out of maintaining your vehicles and keeping them up to code while working efficiently and transparently to keep you on the road.

Along with cleaning and restoration, we are proud to offer:

Full Fleet Service: Our locations offer complete fleet maintenance to relieve the stress of managing multiple diesel vehicles. Mechanics will perform preventative maintenance as necessary, and we offer flexible payment plans and scheduling to make things easy for you. We can create a plan to meet the needs and operation of your fleet. Most importantly, we will keep your vehicles up to EPA standards and on the road for as long as possible.

Diagnostics: If you notice an increase in regens or your engine begins making unusual noises, it may indicate an underlying problem with your DPF. Our mechanics will use a visual inspection, flow test, pin test, and light test to run diagnostics on your engine and locate any necessary repairs. If you notice something odd or a decrease in engine productivity, bring your vehicle to any of our DPF Alternatives locations for a professional evaluation.

Inside of a dark diesel engine that was serviced by DPF Alternatives.

Bung Replacement

One of the smallest parts of a DPF system are bungs. These small, stainless steel pieces of metal hold your vehicle's sensors in place and only cost $12-$15. Proper inspection and upkeep can be instrumental in significantly extending the life of your DPF system.

Our mechanics can inspect your bungs for galling and other common signs of wear and tear. As a leading parts supplier, we can replace your bungs if needed and ensure you get the highest quality and adequately fitted parts for your vehicle.

DPF Alternatives remote tuning.

Remote Tuning

Long gone are the days of taking your engine out and apart to tune your vehicle. Our remote tuning technology lets us repair your vehicle quickly and thoroughly without taking it apart. A well-tuned engine is critical to getting the maximum fuel efficiency out on the road.

Give our mechanics a call today for inspection and tuning!

DPF Alternatives services offers the best DPF services.

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Don’t risk a breakdown or faulty engine by visiting multiple shops to maintain your diesel engine. DPF Alternatives is the only name you need to know.

With more than 11 years of experience in the industry and years spent fine tuning our proprietary process, you know you’re in good hands when you visit a DPF Alternatives for any DPF service. Trust the experts to keep your engine — and you — safe on the road.


Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

We believe a thorough DPF inspection involves a visual inspection, flow test, pin test and light test to ensure DPF filter integrity and that the filter has been returned as close as possible to its original factory condition.

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

Regular engine maintenance is largely the biggest factor in ensuring the best performance from the DPF. Restriction from dirty air filters, worn components etc. are all factors that will increase soot loading of the DPF. Low-ash engine oils are always a recommendation as they lower the residual ash deposit in the DPF through the regen process. There are some newer products on the market today that are known as FBC (Fuel Borne Catalyst) that significantly improve engine combustion and lower soot loading of the DPF.

The DPF service life can be limited several ways, we would recommend a mechanic should look at the coolant, look for oil leaks, failing fuel injectors and even dust in the air intake system.

Yes, see answer above. We believe that regular cleaning and servicing of the DPF filter does extend the overall life of the filter, will reduce the risk of filter failure, and will lower the risk of other engine component failure because of lower overall back pressure.

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