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The Importance of Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

What Makes DPF Alternatives Superior?

In addition to our top–of–the–line cleaning and restoration, we offer a variety of services. We are a one–stop shop for all your diesel particulate filter needs so you or your fleet can get back on the road quickly.

A DPF Alternatives client filling up their car with gas.

Max Mileage

Say goodbye to soot related “check engine lights” and stop replacing EGR coolers, EGR valves, DPFs. Max Mileage benefits include:

  • Reduced DEF consumption
  • Increased DPF life
  • Smoother and quieter engine - you may also feel it’s working more powerfully and quickly
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Extended engine life
  • Lower exhaust gas temperatures
  • Fewer regens

A diesel engine getting serviced by DPF Alternatives.

One Box

A One Box is a modern, compact after-treatment system that packs all machinery and exhaust pipes into just one box.

DPF filter recycling at DPF Alternatives.

DPF Recycling Program

DPF Alternatives offers drop off or free pickup service of DPFs at our locations. Give us a call and we’ll collect and recycle your heavy duty filters and catalysts.

DPF Alternatives's filter cleaning technology machine.

Full Service DPF Shop

Not only do we clean and restore your DPF filters, but DPF Alternatives offers maintenance services on SCR, DOC and EGR systems. We also offer replacement parts and aftertreatment parts. DPF Alternatives can service your whole fleet with our customizable program and keep things running smoothly.

Inside of a dark diesel engine that was serviced by DPF Alternatives.

Bung Replacement

DPF Alternatives can replace old bungs with a new one, allowing you to replace your NOx or temperature sensor.

DPF Alternatives remote tuning.

Remote Tuning

Diesel engines are complex. An incorrectly tuned engine can end up costing big money. We can remotely tune your engine to meet performance specifications or preferences.

DPF Alternatives services offers the best DPF services.

Additional DPF Alternatives Services

DPF Alternatives is EPA Compliant.

EPA Compliant

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Learn more about DPF Alternatives Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Performance Warranty

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Large semi trucks benefiting from DPF Alternatives services.


Don’t risk a breakdown or faulty engine by visiting multiple shops to maintain your diesel engine. DPF Alternatives is the only name you need to know.

With more than 11 years of experience in the industry and years spent fine tuning our proprietary process, you know you’re in good hands when you visit a DPF Alternatives for any DPF service. Trust the experts to keep your engine — and you — safe on the road.


Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

We believe a thorough DPF inspection involves a visual inspection, flow test, pin test and light test to ensure DPF filter integrity and that the filter has been returned as close as possible to its original factory condition.

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

Regular engine maintenance is largely the biggest factor in ensuring the best performance from the DPF. Restriction from dirty air filters, worn components etc. are all factors that will increase soot loading of the DPF. Low-ash engine oils are always a recommendation as they lower the residual ash deposit in the DPF through the regen process. There are some newer products on the market today that are known as FBC (Fuel Borne Catalyst) that significantly improve engine combustion and lower soot loading of the DPF.

The DPF service life can be limited several ways, we would recommend a mechanic should look at the coolant, look for oil leaks, failing fuel injectors and even dust in the air intake system.

Yes, see answer above. We believe that regular cleaning and servicing of the DPF filter does extend the overall life of the filter, will reduce the risk of filter failure, and will lower the risk of other engine component failure because of lower overall back pressure.

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