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Superior diesel particulate filter cleaning in your local area, DPF Alternatives does it the best.
Proprietary Restoration Technology

DPF Restoration

Regular cleaning is important for maintaining your engine and exhaust system. Initially, DPFs need to be cleaned at 150,000 to 200,000 miles. After that initial cleaning, they should be cleaned ever 100,000 miles. An orange dashboard light should alert you to when your DPF needs cleaning, but if you notice emissions of black soot, increased oil levels or a rise in fuel usage those are also signs it needs cleaning.

If you’re looking for diesel particulate filter cleaning, look no further! At DPF Alternatives we have the proprietary cleaning method that will get your DPF operating at like-new levels, improving your engine performance and preventing costly repairs.

Other companies charge a premium to do the bare minimum. A typical DPF cleaning only removes excess debris, soot and ash to keep your filter from clogging. With our total cleaning and restoration service, you’ll receive our signature advanced DPF regeneration and ultrasonic cleaning.

DPF Regeneration and Ultrasonic Cleaning

Go Beyond Clean with DPF Alternatives

A partially or improperly cleaned filter can increase back pressure into your engine, leading to breakdowns costing between $10,000-$30,000. Instead of overpaying for a basic cleaning that puts you at risk for a future breakdown and costly repairs, get it done right the first time with DPF Alternatives. As leaders in your local area DPF restoration, we clean your filter so thoroughly we restore it to as much as 99% of its useful life. The industry standard is just 35%!

Our expert your local area DPF restoration technicians utilize the best available technology to completely restore the life of your filter. Our method is the only method proven to thoroughly clean every cell of your DPF. We’re so confident in our DPF restoration that we back it with guaranteed service and a variety of warranties.

Restore your DPF and restore your own confidence in your system by visiting DPF Alternatives in your local area today!

A superior dpf restoration provided by DPF Alternatives with the finest technology.
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Diesel particulate filter cleaning is done best by the DPF Alternatives team.

Why Clean When you Can Restore?

Don’t overpay for minimal DPF regeneration and put yourself at risk of a breakdown that could cost tens of thousands in repairs. Have confidence in your system and DPF with the complete restoration service from DPF Alternatives.

DPFs are found on nearly every diesel vehicle starting in 2007. We offer superior emissions services that will restore your system using the best technology available and our experienced, expert technicians.

Typically, DPF cleaning only removes the basic things so that your system won’t clog. With our total service, you’ll receive our signature advanced DPF regeneration and ultrasonic cleaning. This not only completely restores the life of your filter, but it is backed with our warrantied service and several warranty options — including a lifetime warranty.

Discover the DPF Alternatives difference. Don’t pay more for less. We offer warrantied results at a fraction of the cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

We offer a unique cleaning solution using ultrasonic technology. It restores components to OE specifications, resulting in better fuel economy and useful life from the DPF filter. We offer superior DPF cleaning services as an alternative to costly replacements.

See our services and cleaning and restoration levels here.

With our highest level restoration service, your DPF will go through an extra step — what is known as the ultrasonic step. This takes more time with the ultrasonic step vs. the traditional clean (blast and bake) and it is well worth paying the extra because it restores your filter to like new condition and includes a warranty option. Remember, if we can't clean it, you don't pay!

We believe a thorough DPF inspection involves a visual inspection, flow test, pin test and light test to ensure DPF filter integrity and that the filter has been returned as close as possible to its original factory condition.

It will depend on what the manufacturer requires or recommends and will also depend on how your equipment is being used (highway driving differs hugely from city driving).

Regular engine maintenance is largely the biggest factor in ensuring the best performance from the DPF. Restriction from dirty air filters, worn components etc. are all factors that will increase soot loading of the DPF. Low-ash engine oils are always a recommendation as they lower the residual ash deposit in the DPF through the regen process. There are some newer products on the market today that are known as FBC (Fuel Borne Catalyst) that significantly improve engine combustion and lower soot loading of the DPF.

The DPF service life can be limited several ways, we would recommend a mechanic should look at the coolant, look for oil leaks, failing fuel injectors and even dust in the air intake system.

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