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Diesel particulate filters are found in almost every diesel engine. They are a crucial part of the emissions system — and overall engine performance — and keeping it clean and maintained is vital. A subpar or inferior cleaning process can mean expensive repairs or total replacement down the road. With the ultrasonic DPF cleaning from DPF Alternatives, you’ll receive the best cleaning experience in the industry, and even restore your DPF to like-new condition.

Unlike other methods, ultrasonic cleaning offers incredibly thorough results using advanced technology to clean and clear any lingering, stubborn debris in your filter. DPF Alternatives stands out from other ultrasonic DPF cleaners by providing an unparalleled industry warranty and going beyond just a standard cleaning. We can restore your DPF to as much as 99% performance.

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Why Choose Ultrasonic Restoration?

The DPF Alternatives ultrasonic cleaning process has gone through extensive testing and refinement. We’re proud to offer our proprietary proven method for utilizing high frequency sound waves at millions of impulses per second. These impulses cause microscopic bubbles to break down built-up soot, ash and debris. Then our specially formulated solution keeps the grime from adhering to cell walls while carrying away contaminants.

Go beyond a standard cleaning and extend the life of your DPF with the warrantied results of our signature four-stage levels of service. Experience the difference our state-of-the-art technology and experienced technicians can provide. We’ll restore your DPF and give peace of mind knowing your system is at peak performance levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a unique cleaning solution using ultrasonic technology. It restores components to OE specifications, resulting in better fuel economy and useful life from the DPF filter. We offer superior DPF cleaning services as an alternative to costly replacements.

Our proven Ultrasonic cleaning method utilizes proprietary high frequency sound waves at millions of impulses per second to break down the built-up soot and ash. Our specially formulated solution flushes particles away and keeps them from adhering back to the cell walls. The DPF Company offers superior DPF cleaning and restoration services as an alternative to costly replacements.

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Our proprietary ultrasonic restoration method utilizes high frequency sound waves that cause microscopic bubbles to break down built–up soot and ash. We catch those contaminants with a specially formulated solution that carries them away from each cell and prevents them from adhering back to the cell walls. We developed the Ultrasonic cleaning service after extensive refinement and testing. You won’t find this kind of cleaning anywhere else.

The Ultrasonic Restoration should last as long as a new DPF filter. Regular cleaning or also known as blast & bake cleaning will clean a filter without doing the ultrasonic step, meaning there could still be some debris left in your filter and that it will clog up faster.

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