DPF Lifetime Guarantee

The Lifetime Performance Warranty program is available only from DPF Alternatives, and we have set the ultimate standard within the Diesel industry.

Our revolutionary, industry first program exists because DPF Alternatives has combined two of the best complimentary technologies available to scientifically produce the results every Diesel owner needs; worry-free Diesel ownership.
DPF Alternatives begins the process by using their patented equipment, and proprietary solution to completely recover and restore every cell within your current Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).  Our process uses five different techniques to ensure your DPF can offer you all of the performance and service cycle as a brand new filter, for a fraction of the cost.  This includes testing all aspects of your filter, cell integrity, and flowrates before, during, and after restoration.  We also inspect the substrate packing condition, substrate end plugs, and we look for any casing degradation.  Then we use air, our proprietary solution, air with solution, ultrasonic technology, air with solution a second time, more air, and our high volume – low heatsink kiln to prepare your filter for final testing and inspection.

DPF Alternatives does one thing, and we do it better than anyone else.  That was our goal when we launched this company, and it is our goal every single day.

Once we confirm your filter is going to perform for you as well as a brand new filter, you are eligible to participate in our Lifetime Performance Warranty program (the steps for this program is detailed below).  This program offers our customers a lifetime of worry free driving.  Our customers will be the only drivers and fleet owners in North America that can truly say they NEVER have to worry about their DPF again; for as long as they own that vehicle.

Although all DPF Alternatives complete Ultrasonic restorations are backed by our complimentary One-Year No-Hassle Performance Warranty; our customers can now elect to participate in our Lifetime No-Hassle Performance Warranty program simply by purchasing their first gallon of Max Mileage, and registering in our customer loyalty program at the time in which they had a full Ultrasonic restoration performed.

Follow these steps below and you will NEVER pay to have your DPF cleaned again, for as long as you own that vehicle:

  1. 1.  Have your DPF (and DOC and SCR as well if applicable) fully recovered/restored at market price (no other unauthorized discounts can apply) – Market Price is $450.00
  2. 2.  Purchase your first gallon of Max Mileage – Market Price is $220.00 at all DPF Alternatives locations in U.S. (Canadian prices may vary)
  3. 3.  Register yourself as a DPF Alternatives loyalty customer using our website and help from our location manager (this is an easy and fast process that ensures we have a record of who you are so you can redeem your warranty at any of our locations nationwide) – Absolutely FREE of Charge
  4. 4.  Purchase Max Mileage from any DPF Alternatives location in the U.S. or Canada and use it in every tank of fuel (one gallon treats 3,500 gallons of fuel)!
  5. 5.   Whenever you purchase your Max Mileage from a DPF Alternatives location it automatically records your purchase and validates your Lifetime Warranty
  6. 6.   Use Max Mileage at least 80% of the time (based on miles driven) and you will never have to worry about your DPF ever again!

As our loyalty member customer, should your DPF ever become clogged for any reason, we will recover your filter using whatever method is required at any of our locations in North America.  As you did at the time of your initial service, you will be required to pay for any removal and re-installation labor, any clamps and gaskets, cutting and welding, and any DOC and/or SCR recovery.  But as you already know, those are NOT what causes Diesel owners anxiety; it’s the DPF – and we have you covered.

And as a loyalty member, our arrangement with Max Mileage will keep you running cleaner; longerTM, while offering you the greater fuel mileage, greater power, and the longest service intervals possible.  Let DPF Alternatives take all the worry out of owning a Diesel vehicle!